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The top cards (left to right) are from a manga anthology from 1994, a doujinshi anthology and a hentai doujinshi mash-up called "Druggers High!" with Sailor Moon and Magical Princess Holy Up from Akazukin Cha Cha (thanks to Anisa at for the character ID help). On the second row (left to right) is a card unaccountably combining Sailor Moon with a Power Ranger, a promo card from "Animedia" for its 20th anniversary, and something from Bandai with Sailor Moon and other assorted super-deformed characters. On the bottom is the very hard-to-find giveaway card included in the Sailor Moon Movie DVD.


These cards are from manga by Naoko Takeuchi. The one on top is from a series called "PQ Angels" which only had 4 installments. I don't have any info about the other card.


 The grouping of cards above are from food products. The top 3 cards are from soup or noodle mixes (from left to right: Morinaga, Pokka and Nissui). The two cards below are more soup mixes from Pokka and at the bottom, with the inner and outer senshi, is from the makers of Nissin Cup o Noodles, Cup o Yogurt. 


On the left is a really cool sparkly phone card commemorating Bandai's 45th anniversary in 1995. Next to it is my most expensive card to date: a gold promo card which was given away at the theatre, almost as hard-to-find as its trading card counterpart, the Fifth Anniversary Gold card.


These are phone cards made by Animate promoting the Cassette collection of songs from the series.


Three cards showcasing Gashapon figures if you're into that kinda thing...Zzzzzz.