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 Nakayosi Seals and Chewing Gum Dress Ups 

Nakayosi Seals


This is an envelope of seals/stickers with images from Magic Knight Rayearth, Clamp, St Tail and, of course, Sailor Moon. The envelope says "Nakayosi 1995" on the back. the outer envelope has some creasage on the front, but due to its age, that's to be expected. The images are all manga. There are 2 double sided sheets measuring approximately 9 by 6, and there are about 4 other assorted stickers, one prismatic and one a gold foil. I'll entertain offers for this.


Chewing Gum Dress Ups



I have 3 boxes available of Dress Up Dolls. (For lack of a better description, this is what I'm calling these.) Each box is about 5 inches by 3 1/2 and is rumored to contain gum and definitely contains a dress up sheet. (Please see pictures.) I am not taking these out of the box. I'm selling them for 5.00 apiece. (Or all 3 for 12.00 plus shipping and handling.) One of the boxes is a little smooshed, but they're all sealed so it shouldn't affect the quality of the item.

If interested in any of these items, please email me: podwall@moonkingdom.com