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 Animation Cels for Sale 

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This is a cel of Mamoru and Rei. I think it's from a scene in the first series when Rei "accidentally" runs into Mamoru on a street corner to try to steal him away from Usagi. It comes with a matching douga which has some damage as it was stuck to the cel and I separated the 2 (it was my first cel; what can I say?). The cel is in perfect condition although the rice paper is a little wrinkled on one corner and along the edge.


This cel is of Elza Grey, from the S season episode #106, the one that tells the story of Uranus's awakening, and the beginnings of Haruka and Michiru's relationship. The inner senshi was visiting the school and spoke with her. She was the one who introduced Haruka - the only person who could beat her in a footrace - to Michiru. Eudial swiped her crystal heart.

There is no sketch with the cel. It's in very nice condition otherwise. $10.00


Nice cel, comes with sketch. In great condition; no line fading.



This is a cel of Galaxia: very dramatic. There is some line fading on the eyes, but other than that, this cel is awesome. It's an end cel with the douga stuck to the backside, so that when you flip the cel over, there's the sketch (as opposed to being stuck directly behind the cel). There is a slight tear in the rice paper, which doesn't affect the quality of the item. SOLD


Please email me at podwall@moonkingdom.com to purchase or ask any questions about this cel. Thanks!