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More Odd Anime Stuff for Sale

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Devilman Figure Collection 2 made by Banpresto. Each figure measures about 5 inches high.


Sister Princess Matchbox buses. Well, they're not made by Matchbox, but they're the same size. Apparently these are replicas of the tricked out buses used to promote the series.


Gift bag from a Capcom game: Puzzle Fighter II. Item measures 11x 13 inches flat and has a blue drawstring; it's made of a latex material. The main characters in chibi form on the other side.


Ultraman finger puppets. From the left, Ultraman SD 1 1/4"(Bandai 1996), Ultraman Dyna Miracle Version 1 3/4"(MBS 1997) and Ultraman Dyna Miracle Version 1 1/2"(MBS, no date).


Kurumi mini notepad


Top row (L to r): Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Cell phone strap w/cute black cat figure (SOLD); "Can Badge Collection: Yuzu Nanashiro," still in package, from the dating game, "Canvas" (SOLD); Angelique Lilac felt tip pin (SOLD). Bottom: Cho Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru notepad Edit Text


Dragonball Z mini cards. These look like they're carddass minis, but I could definitely be wrong. It looks like there are at least 6 envelopes in this package which is still sealed.


Gundam Collection model, Volume 2, figure MS-06J; box measures 2x3 inches.


"Masked Rider Battle" candy with toy. I have no idea what's inside here...the box is almost 4 inches tall and has some kind of transformer figure you assemble


"Gundam mechaselection" No candy in this box, just a Gashapon figure (the brown one...I don't know its name) you can assemble. Box is 5 inches high.


Idol cards:
Top Row: Daisuhe from Digimon Adventure (SOLD);
2nd Row: Juubee-chan; Case files of Young Boy Kindaichi, on-going in
weekly Shounen