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Yet MORE anime stuff for sale or trade

Please go to my "home" page and see what I need; otherwise, I'll entertain offers: podwall@moonkingdom.com.

UFO bottlecaps. The first three are products of Visual Arts, and the last one is made by Garagesoft, which produces ecchi-themed anime/manga


Geobreeders Shitajiki #0498


This is a display set of 60 Bikkuriman trading cards made by the Seika Note Company. There are 12 packs of 5 cards apiece. I'm assuming this is how they were sold in Japan in the stores. I haven't opened any of the card packs; they're still affixed to the cardboard display stand. Each pack does have a prism card in it; the design of the cards is similar to the Sailor Moon PP1 cards w/the Power levels on them.


Beyblades CCG Promo card with "Ocean Wyvern" card made by Takara.


Louie the Rune Soldier Book Cover