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For Sale: One gold Foil Bromide | Authorized Photo Cards (Nama Sashins) and Jewelry


 Authorized Photo Cards (Nama Sashins) and Jewelry 

These cards are a little bit larger than bromides and come factory-sealed in the original cellophane. They're thinner than trading cards. Please indicate which scene you'd like when ordering. They're 4.00 apiece.


Sold out: Bottom Card of Inner Senshi

This is a set of jewelry from Japan. The necklace measures 18 inches, and it has a locket with SAILORMOON Naoko Takeuchi Nakayosi engraved on the back. The locket contains a picture of Mercury, The bracelet fits loosely. The little pink case is darling. I will entertain offers for this set.



Please email me if interested in any of these items: podwall@moonkingdom.com Thanks!