Resume Writing for Dumbasses

No, I'm not specifically referring to you as a "dumbass." The word choice was a clever ploy to be listed on search engines. But, welcome, all!

So, my goodness: you've stumbled in here looking for helpful pointers regarding resume writing. Well, you won't find any here unless I get productive and write some up. What you WILL find here is a live body who will look at your resume, edit and revise it and hopefully get you a job (or a new and improved one). This is a FREE SERVICE I'm offering. Of course, if you're impressed with the outcome of our interaction, you're welcome to make me a donation, but I'm basically in this to keep my writing and editing skills honed to a razor's edge.

My street cred: I am a middle-aged stay-@-home mom who edits a local and a national magazine. I also grade papers for a California state university, and have a degree from a small, private Jesuit college on the East Coast. (So I'm overqualified to read/edit resumes.) And I had a varied career before I went into full-time child-rearing: I've worked in a law firm, a newspaper and a medical insurance provider, so I have a command of technical jargon. (I can even spell "linchpin" correctly...)

(Please scroll down...the template I'm using has space here for artwork which Lycos thinks I need...)

Continuing on: if you'd like to avail yourself of my services, please send me an email with an appropriate subject line (ex: Here's my resume: please fix), and cut and paste your resume into the email as opposed to sending it in an attachment. If you don't have a resume, just email me all the pertinent info, and I'll rough one out for you. I don't accept email attachments because my husband is tired of wiping my computer every time I get a virus. Also, if you'd like me to review or create a cover letter for you, please send me a separate email with either your existing cover letter or a copy of your resume. I'll try to provide you with as generic a cover letter as possible so you can "blast" it to potential employers.

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Be hearing from you!