The Saga Begins...

The Adventures of Baby Bee
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Baby Bee is taken home on Monday afternoon and spends a whole week with a special friend. We're keeping track of all the exciting times spent with our mascot in a journal. Here are the first photos and excerpts.


Baby Bee and I played, went shopping and did art. I also read to him at night. He really loved Curious George. Love Ashley.


Me and Baby Bee had a great time together. We went swinging. Love Cameron


Eryn -- Me and Baby Bee went on a train and got a Santa tattoo. Baby Bee also went to choir with me.


Baby Bee went with me on an audition in S.F. We had a great week together. Love Andrew XOXO


Baby Bee and I had a great time together. We went to school together. Love Briana


Catherine -- Me and Baby Bee went to the airport, and me and Baby Bee sleep in the shell. We had fun time in the aquarium.


Baby Bee came to my house and we played squeeky, squeeky, squeeky. We really liked it. Love, Garrett