The Saga Continues...
The Adventures of Baby Bee
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Baby Bee and I went to church and sang songs together. Then we went to my brother Joshua's basketball game. We cheered for him, and he won!
Love, Hannah


Isabel -- Baby Bee and me slept everyday together. Baby Bee, my sister and I play in my swings at my house.


Baby Bee and I played with Princess. Baby Bee slept with me in my bed. Love, Lea


Baby Bee and I built a house out of Legos. Baby Bee loves it. Hannah


Baby Bee and I went to the park. We went swinging on the swing. I had fun with Baby Bee. Love, Jena


Baby Bee went to Chuck E. Cheese's with me. Love, Joel


Baby Bee and I played on the playground. We went to great-grandma's to get our dog Penny. We had breakfast together. Mackenzie