Cameron's Candidate for Goddess Phonecard Collection

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Movic and other Telephone cards

Unlike their SailorMoon counterparts, the phonecards made by Movic (below) are rare and expensive, perhaps because they weren't made into reprints by Teleca.


No markings in English on these 3 below. I think they're a set.  (Can you tell the afternoon sun was hitting my scanner bed?)


2 Zero-Enna cards, w/no identifiable manufacturer's markings. (And for the people who've been taking these two images off my site and using my bandwidth, please stop. If you send me an email asking me for the images in the subject line, I'll send you a lovely jpeg to do what you will w/them. Okies? I'd let this slide, but I don't even get a "thank-you" w/some kind of link back to my site or just a polite shout-out.)