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Oh, no! Another obsession!

Well, here's the beginnings of bankruptcy, right here. Welcome to my budding cel collection.

Everything you see on this site is available for a price, Just email me with an offer: podwall@moonkingdom.com
Thanks for stopping by!

In the meantime, please enter my "give these people some decent dialogue" contest. If you see a cel that needs some suitable caption, please email me with one. I will consider it, and if it meets with my high criterion (i.e., it gets to me), you'll see your creative output in print with suitable attribution ("your name," for those of you from California). Send your caption to podwall@moonkingdom.com And, hey! thanks for playing!

Click here for a great collector whose site is worth visiting for the music alone!

Here's a very nice collector from the Deep South who's just starting to put his collection on the web.

And, one more thing: PLEASE don't take any of my images without giving me due credit for them. These things cost money. I belong to several clubs whose sole purpose in being is to inform its members when their images get pirated. Believe me, I will find out, and there's nothing worse than getting lots of email from a cranky middle-aged woman. And I really don't want to have a stupid watermark spoiling the scene: so follow the Golden Rule (do unto others) and don't piss me off.