Chez Podwall
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Links to all my sites as well as other bizarre ones...

Podwall's Trades Page: This is probably the site you rode on into to get to this one...

Phone Home Pod: My Sailor Moon Phone Card Showcase and my pride and joy (besides my kids). This is probably the biggest Sailor Moon phone card collection east of the Pacific Ocean.

Podwall's Completed Collections: All the Sailor Moon trading card sets I've completed thus far. This can be linked and used as a handy reference guide if anyone needs it.

Cel-fish Pod (My dwindling Sailor Moon cel collection)...I use these little Satanic pieces of celluloid to pay off my phone and trading card dealers...robbing Peter to pay Paula, as it were...

Peyton's Minky Momo web page: Every toddler needs her own anime collection...

Not to be's her brother's site...

Not my sites...but they are highly recommended.

The Best Damn Page on the Internet...this guy makes PMS look like a good day.

The Dialectizer: Converts any text or entire web pages into such dialects as Jive, Redneck or Elmer Fudd. Very amusing, especially for us old English majors. you don't have to sit in traffic to see an offensive bumper sticker.

I Need a Doll: The Valley of the Dolls Jelly Belly Experience.

It Came From the 1971 Sears Catalog...this will appeal to anyone who ever had to be dragged kicking and screaming thru the "Pretty Plus" or "Husky's" dept. as a child. The commentary is priceless. A truly weird and objectionable site documenting that fashion trend instigated by Journey and Styx, The Mullet.

My Trailer Park Home Page: This is just pretty damn funny.

Odd Very creative website about an out-of-work guy who just languishes and farts around. (Kind of like a stay-@-home mom except without all that laundry and baby spew.

The People's Cam... this is pretty cool.

The Philosophers Magazine, a really cool set of games that tease your moral and religious beliefs (even if you don't have any...heheheh...)

Self-Annihilating Sentences...senseless aphorisms