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My mommy has all my collections stored up high where I can't reach them...wahhhh....


My room...Shelves crammed full of Minky Momo and Sailor Moon goodies.


Oh, look! Don't I look surprised! Mommie let me put on some cosplay jewelry after I started pulling apart the gashapons. (Yes, I have a runny nose, but I won't let anyone get near me w/a Kleenex, so THERE!) So, on the table behind me are (from left to right): a fortune-telling device, a cosplay mask w/wand in box and a microphone. All items are from Yutaka.


Ooh! Look what I have...the rare and wonderful Minky Momo RV with removable helicopter/hybrid vehicle.  


Here's Minky's house. Mom got this super cheap on Yahoo!Japan, and we found out why once we set it up: it's missing a lot of furniture and the little animals. Oh well...I would lose all the pieces anyway. Can you tell I just had a bath?



This is a Minky Momo gift can sealer. Someday when we're really bored, we'll get this little baby out, put some of those exploding snakes inside a few cans and go pass them out in nursing homes.


Here we have a rare photo op of all my battery-operated toys and the plushies. The vanity that started all the collecting is in the middle and holds all my Nakayosi-licensed SailorMoon jewelry. On the left is a make-up/cosmetics case that lights up with either one of the magic wands (both on the right: one w/a magic headband and the other designed to use w/the magic brooch, which is in the foreground, on the left, propped up against the vanity). You place the brooch mechanism inside the wand and you can make the vanity talk. In the forefront, on the right is a watch that is missing the batteries, and we don't speak Japanese in the Whiteside household so we have no idea how to read the battery instructions. Well, I can't tell time yet, so no biggie...
And directly below this copy is a picture of my oddest acquisition: a Minky Momo sewing machine. It doesn't work, but that's OK because my mommy and I don't sew. It's pretty neato, nonetheless. And below the sewing machine is another domestic device, electric scissors made in the shape of Minky's pet alligator. As with the sewing machine, this item (another fine product from the Popy Co.), doesn't work. If my mom could read/write Japanese, we could send in the warranty card and get a replacement...




Now I have make-up to put in my vanity. I'm dying to crack open this box and smear the nail polish all over the walls...


Here I am using my latest toy, a Minky Momo phone that speaks to me in Japanese. Like the sequin number I'm wearing?