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6" and 12" Irwin Sailor Moon dolls, South Park plushies and Jem.


Here's all my 12" Irwin Sailor Moon dolls. I still need Sapphire and Saturn.

South Park plushies.


On the opposite wall are the 6" Irwin Sailor Moon dolls. I'm only missing Sapphire to complete the set. And I'm expecting a Starlight doll from Japan soon...waku, waku, waku!

Hey! Look how clean my room is...for one brief shining moment...

Here's Jem's Rockin' Roadster being driven by Rio. That naughty Pizzazz is trying to pull his luxuriant hair and cause them to run off the dresser while Kimber sits on her butt and does nothing to help. With that kind of attitude, Kimber, you'll never be anything but a third-rate back-up singer! The Rockin' Roadster has an FM radio that you can hook up to the Back Stage dressing room which has its own speaker.