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You have just surfed into my most adorable website!!  My name is Peyton (as in "Place"), and I'm a Sonoma Valley gurl. I live in Northern California with my mommy and big brother, Cameron. Right now my favorite food is a Burger King Kids' meal with chicken tenders, and my favorite toy is a permanent Sharpie marker. My mommy put this site together to show me off as well as my Minky Momo collection. Someday I will be able to play with all this stuff...<Not if I can help it--Mommy> 

Minky Momo is an anime that first ran in the 80s. It's about a teen-age princess who is sent to earth in the form of a small child by her royal parents to help people with their dreams. Mommy started collecting merchandise from this anime after winning a vanity on ebay...from then on, my room started getting more and more crowded. "My Room" page shows all the toy merchandise. I'm one lucky kid.


"Moon, prism, power, make-up!!" Halloween 2005.

Please email my mommy with any spiffy comments: