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Sailor Moon Fanfiction


Pant-pant-pant...a devilishly handsome young man in his early 20s was hoofing it along a congested sidewalk, shouldering his bookbag awkwardly while trying to avoid giving the slow-moving people ahead of him flat tires. Mamoru had to be at Professor Kimayura's anatomy class in less than 10 minutes or he'd be locked out of the lab, and he couldn't afford another unexplained absence. He couldn't figure out how his alarm clock had been set wrong, unless Rini had been fiddling with it...or perhaps Usagi had knocked it over when they were cuddling last evening. Smiling at the reminiscence, he paused for a moment...then, "thwack," a baseball knocked him upside the head, and he crumpled to a heap on the pavement.

At the same time, the lucky member of the Singapore Sling's baseball team who'd slammed a home run through the ceiling of the Tokyo CrystalDome, knocking poor Mamoru senseless, collapsed with no explanation at home plate. Behind him, the catcher smirked behind his mask, his shag-style platinum hair hidden behind the protective gear. Demando turned around to survey the crowd behind him, picking out the smiling face of Emerald among the sea of fans in the stadium. Oblivious to the "ahhs and Oohs" of the crowd around her, craning their necks as a stretcher carried the player from the field,. Emerald continued chowing down on a corndog and a can of Sapporo, savoring the lip-smacking-good junk food.

Later...At Usagi's House....

All was quiet in the Tsukino household. Sammy was downloading the new "Papa Roach" CD from Napster, his dad, Kenzo, was sorting through the mail in the front hall and his wife was frying up some hamburgers when Rini (their distantly related houseguest) burst through the front door clutching a ball to her chest.

"Heyyy....guys! Did you hear about Mamoru?!!" Mrs. Tsukino looked up from her skillet of grease and sighed. "No, Rini, and could you keep it down some? I've got a migraine."
"Oh, sorry." Rini backed out of the kitchen before being asked to help with dinner and tugged at Kenzo's jacket. "Hey! Did ya hear about Mamoru?" He looked down at the pink-haired girl absent-mindedly, pushed his thick glasses back up his nose and proceeded to open a bill. "No....could you get your dad a beer while you're up?"

"You're NOT my daddy," and Rini stomped up the stairs and into Sammy's room.

"Heyy..Sam-mee! Didja hear..."

"about Mamoru? Yeh, he was on the 6 o'clock news tonight." Sammy pulled the CD out of the drive and smiled. "That was so being in the wrong place at the wrong time....heheh." He labelled the CD case then regarded Rini suspiciously. "I guess that's where Usagi is right now, huh?" He carefully inserted the new pirated CD in his tower holder then threw himself down on his bed. "Y'know, I still don't get how my 14-year-old sister can have a 21-year-old boyfriend and stay out all hours of the night while I can't even buy a Nine Inch Nails CD without getting a load of..."

"Sam-mee! Ree-nee! Dinner's Ready!" Sammy glared at Rini, shrugged his shoulders then bounded downstairs. Smiling sweetly for appearance's sake, Rini let her LunaP ball bobble down the stairs in mid-air behind her. But instead of heading into the dining room, she blithely walked out the front door, the magic globe floating in her wake.


At Tokyo General, Usagi was pacing back and forth in front of a row of vending machines in the waiting room. By the looks of the floor around her, she'd ingested every Gummi/rice cake/dried seaweed confection on hand. When Rini entered the room, Usagi ran over to her, hyped up on stress as well as candied snackfood. "Oh, Rini!! Mamoru might never wake up! He's in a major coma!"

"Take a chill pill, Usagi!" Rini dragged the amped up lounge lizard over to a chair and forced her into it. "Have you talked to the doctors?"

"Yes....no...well, not since he was brought in..." Rini groaned, slapped her future mother a couple of times then dashed off to the nurses' station. She put on her kewtest expression then wandered behind the counter. There wasn't a nurse in sight, so she glanced at the chart with Mamoru's name on it (NKA, Room #21) and headed on down the hall. Usagi shook herself out of her MSG stupor long enough to follow her future daughter into Mamoru's room, where he was hooked up to various meters and blinking appliances, one side of his pale face swathed in gauze. Usagi staggered over to his bedside, dislodging the O2 Sat monitor off his finger, causing his monitored oxygen level to go from 99% to zero in a matter of seconds.

"Oh, my poor Mamoru!! Please wake up!" Usagi scrambled up into bed with him but not before a huge nurse had muscled open the door (hearing the alarms at the monitoring station) and tossed the clumsy girl onto the floor before she could do further damage.

"Whattya doing in here! This is an ICU level room!" Timidly, Rini reached up and tugged on the woman's scrubs.
"I'm sorry....it's just that he's the only relative we have.....and..."

"Oh, you poor little thing..." The nurse whisked her up into her arms, Luna P ball and all, and pushing Usagi roughly from behind, she carried the munchkin into a private waiting room, nearly running over Usagi in the process. She gently placed Rini on a comfy couch then regarded her sympathetically, patting the Luna ball as if to gain her trust.

"Was it your big brother that was hit in the head with the baseball?" Rini shook her head vigorously, and the nurse sighed. "Was it your daddy?" Rini looked up hopefully, about to nod yes, when footsteps could be heard running outside in the hall accompanied by cries of "He's awake!" The nurse bolted up and dashed out the door. Usagi, not known for her fast moves, even in a crisis, just sat there dumbfounded whereupon Rini breathed deeply then frowned. "Oh, boy...I almost told them who Mamoru was...that woulda been stupid." Usagi continued looking at her blankly; Rini wondered for the zillionth time how they could ever be closely related then marched out of the room.

Later that night...at Rei's Temple

"Thank goodness Grandpa got tanked up on sake tonight; otherwise, I'd have to make up another lame-a-zoid excuse about us all being here together on a school night..." Rei was clearing away an empty decanter and 2 large glasses from the low table in the main room of the Shinto temple. Ami looked up from her PalmPilot computer and observed that, "I don't know what's worse, having a parent who works all the time or one with a drinking problem."

"Oh, no....grandpa's not the one with the drinking problem: Chad is." And to prove the point, Rei reached under the table and pulled the priest-in-training out from under it. "Hey, man....'sup?"

"Chad...get outta here!" And delivering a swift kick to the buttocks, Rei managed to get Chad crawling towards and through the front sliding door. Usagi and Rini almost stumbled over him as he rolled down the stairs and into the now quiet street on which the temple stood. "Wow...Chad's had a few!" remarked Rini and plopped herself down in a corner to hang out with Luna who still didn't trust the LunaP ball and, arching her back, hissed at it in disdain. "Oh, knock it off, Luna! It's just a toy!" admonished Usagi who was in turn admonished by Ami. "No, Usagi, it's NOT a toy; it's our key into the future of Crystal Tokyo."

"Yeah, whatever...." Usagi idly munched on some rice cracker debris left over from the earlier drinking binge and yawned. "OK....so why are we here anyway? I've got an Algebra test tomorrow."

"Oh, yeah, as if you're gonna run home and study for it now....heheh." Makoto popped into the room, followed by Mina and Artemis. "Wow, you mean, for once we made it to a meeting before Usagi...Take a picture; it lasts longer."
"Oh, I really feel the warm fuzzies in here tonight," Rini remarked, further tormenting Luna (and now Artemis) by causing the ball to bounce from one cat head to the other. "Rowwwwrr!" and both feline guardians dashed frantically from the room, pursued by LunaP. "Knock it off, Rini! You may need that thing later!" and Makoto shoved the little girl out the door to retrieve it, slamming the paper screen door behind her. "Kids!" and she joined the rest of the scouts around the sake table.

"Hey, you'all know that Mamoru's in a coma, right?" Usagi began, looking around to the other girls for their reactions. They returned her look with various mocking stupid ones of their own.

"Like, duh...that's one of the reasons we're gathered here," Rei replied, "which reminds me..." and she got up to go light some candles and incense on the altar. Usagi smiled, reassured that someone was still doing her thinking for her, and asked if Rei could turn a prayer wheel or something to make Mamoru get better. "Wrong religion, meatball head! This is a Shinto temple. Who do ya think I am, the freakin Dalai Lama or something?" At this point, Usagi was sufficiently chastened to remain silent momentarily.

"Girls, my computer reported a surge of negative energy emanating from the stadium downtown, just at the exact time and place as Mamoru was hit in the head," Ami revealed, showing a graphic display on her mini monitor. Everyone leaned over her to study the graph except for Usagi on whom the presentation would've been a waste. "I think we need to get down there and investigate."

"Right now!? I'm, like, wayyy too tired, and I don't think buses run this late down there," Usagi moaned just as Rini came bounding back into the temple, the cats and ball trailing behind.

"Hey! Michiru and Haruka are on their way up; they're just parking the mo-ped." Rini collapsed in a heap on a tatami mat, out of breath.

"Couldn't we just have those two go check out the stadium? I mean, they don't seem to have parents or an obvious bedtime..." whined Usagi, and it was decided that the two galpals would check out the sports center to keep Usagi quiet.

After Detention the Next Afternoon....

"Ooh...God how I hate Miss Haruna....that old dried-up...." Usagi was mumbling to herself as she wandered along in the direction of the hospital to check on Mamoru's condition. Mina had just gotten out of volleyball practice and caught up to her in her short-shorts and off the shoulder t-shirt just before Usagi could elaborate on her teacher's lack of moisture. "Whassup? Didja just get out of lock-up? Heheh..." Usagi continued on her way, choosing to ignore Mina who fell into step beside her. "So, where are we headed?"

"I don't know about you, but I'M going to visit Mamoru. Hey, is that an ice-cream truck I hear?" The soft strains of "Camptown Ladies" jingled around the corner, and Mina rolled her eyes as Usagi threw her bookbag down and raced off to the truck.

A little later, and a little stickier, Usagi poked her head into Mamoru's room, Mina right behind her. What met their eyes was a shocker.

About 20 nurses were jammed into the small private room, all dithering around a no-longer-comatose Mamoru-san who was wolfing down a Big Mac and Fries someone had snuck in from the outside. He still had the bandaging around his right temple, but other than that he looked good as new. Usagi strode up to the hospital bed, pushed a few nurses to one side then gave him a furious bear hug, covering the front of her school uniform in secret sauce before a hefty-sized candy-striper pulled her away.

"Hey! Be gentle with our patient!" Usagi turned to glare at the calorically-challenged teen and whipped one of her mighty pigtails at her, then turned back to Mamoru who was smiling at her.

"Hey, meatball head! Glad ya could make it!" He handed her the rest of the fries then slapped Mina on her rump in an overly-friendly fashion, giving her a wink in the process. Usagi was too busy with the food to notice the little interaction going on; Mina rubbed her rear end and backed away warily. "Oh, ladies!" he yelled to the assembled hospital staff who seemed to stand at attention at his call. "I want you'all to meet my future #1 wife and mother of my children, Usagi-san." Caught with a faceful of fries, Usagi looked up guiltily as the other women swarmed around her like bees to hairspray. Mina was glaring daggers at Mamoru, but she didn't dare get near enough for him to make some other inappropriate move on her so she stood back and regarded the scene with dismay. Usagi looked over at her, starting to cough up a fry which made all the other women pound her on her back until Mamoru raised his hand; the nurses, as if under a spell, gazed at him expectantly while Mina frowned at the sound of an alarm in the hall and an automated voice saying "Code Blue, Code Blue." Didn't these women have things to do...like change bedpans or jumpstart people's hearts? Those misgivings were replaced by more when Mina heard what else Mamoru had to say.

"Of course, all of you beautiful honeys can have the same honor of wedded bliss bestowed upon you after we all unite in group marriage." Usagi, Mina and the rest of the room gasped (the first 2 in astonishment), the rest of the gals in idol-worship. Before Mina could blurt out, "What the..." Mamoru went on: "I have been to the other side, my dears, and life is too short and full of uncertainties not to live in the moment of pure, hedonistic pleasure. So that is why I am going to take as many lovely ladies as possible and move with you to Utah, in the United States, where we can live on a splendid ranch and enjoy the benefits of multiple marriage." A hush fell over the room, suddenly interrupted by the door bursting open and Rini running in. Oblivious to the mob around her, she rushed over to the bed, clambered up on it and gave Mamoru a big hug, screaming, "Oh, Mamoru, I am sooo glad you're OK!" Then, as if sensing that the room had reached full capacity 10 bodies ago, she slowly turned around, still clutching Mamoru, and surveyed the crowd.

"Why are all of you in here? Don't you have, like, things to do? I think they're dropping like flies out in the hall." The uniformed women just stood there, bolted to the floor like a remote control to a bedside table at a Motel 6. Usagi cautiously came forward, dusting salt off her fingers from the fries.

"Uh...I don't think Mamoru is quite himself yet."

"Yeh," added Mina from a corner, "I think the little yellow schoolbus is gonna haveta start picking him up from now on..." Rini looked wonderingly at Mina then drew back a bit from Mamoru to look at him more closely. "Are you OK?"

"Well, of course I am, sweetheart. And we'll be even more OK once we are wedded and can start a new life in the west." Rini jumped off the bed as if it had been electrified and ran over to Usagi, clutching her knees in fear.

"But doesn't daddy know that I'm...we're ?" Usagi reached down and patted her giant pink pigtails awkwardly.

"I think daddy's a little touched..." With a loud sob, Rini clattered out of the room, followed by Mina chasing after her at a graceful lope. Usagi scratched her head, mumbled "I gotta go do something...later!" and exited, leaving the roomful of women, eyes glazed over and fixed upon their sinisterly smiling patient.

The Next Morning...

Usagi had been up all night crying and looked a wreck by the time she left for school; Rini had spent most of the evening locked in the bathroom and had apparently eaten a lot of children's chewable aspirin because she was still asleep on the bath mat next to the tub and an empty bottle of St. Joseph's for Kids when Usagi stepped over her to brush her teeth.

"Hey, Usagi-san! Wait up!" and Makoto sprinted a couple of blocks to catch up to her brain-numbed, sleep-deprived friend. Without even breathing hard, Makoto asked rhetorically, "Hey, too bad about Mamoru and his amnesia, huh?" which sent Usagi into a long gale of wrenching sobs. "Geez!" and Makoto backed away uneasily, nearly running Ami off the sidewalk who'd come up behind them. Ami plucked her by the arm to avoid losing her balance and to drag her away before she could say anything else inappropriate.

"It's NOT amnesia....it's something directly related to that negative energy surge we detected 2 days ago." Makoto nodded gravely, watching as Usagi narrowly avoided walking into a mailbox, to which she bowed and said "excuse me" before continuing. "I instructed Haruka and Michiru to do some research for me...they're supposed to meet us in front of Crossroads with the results..." By this time all the scouts were clustered in front of the school gates; Rei grabbed Usagi by her pigtails before she could go inside. "It's early...just hang out with us for a little while...." Usagi nodded weakly and flopped onto the sidewalk.

"Well, will wonders never cease...Usagi-san, What ARE you doing at school so early?" Miss Haruna, wearing an Ally-McBeal-length suit, gingerly kicked Usagi's saddleshoe with a black Naturalizer pump. "This must be a mannequin or plaster cast...no way could this be my star pupil....heheh." She reached down and clicked her fingers in front of Usagi's eyes. They fluttered briefly. "Oh, boy! A sign of life: pinch me; I must be dreaming!" Naru, Usagi's classmate, walked by then stopped abruptly, realizing to whom her teacher was conversing and the extraordinariness of it all. "Hey, Usagi-san, are you OK?" She dropped her Hello Kitty bookbag and shook the blond automaton by her shoulders. "U-sa-gi! Snap out of it!" A sigh escaped her lips followed by a whisper...."Mamoru...Ohhh...Mamoru." Suddenly, Miss Haruna looked down at her like a hawk whiffing prey. "Mamoru...how do YOU know about Mamoru?!" Usagi's eyes momentarily focused on the looming adult above her, but the effort to look up was too much and she slumped onto the pavement in a fetal ball.

"Uh...Mamoru is Usagi's boyfriend, Miss Haruna. Dincha know that?" asked Naru wonderingly. Miss Haruna looked the girl up and down as if for the first time then dismissed her with a shake of her red hair.

"Well, as far as I'm concerned, Mamoru is my future husband; and as soon as school lets out today, I'm going over to the cram school and brush up on my English 'cause we're going to Utah." And with those words, the lady spun around on her heel and headed into the building. All the scouts (and Naru) regarded her retreating back with mouths agape except for Usagi whose head was somewhere buried in her skirt. Just about that time, Haruka and Michiru pulled up to the curb on the mo-ped.

"Yo!" Haruka jumped off the scooter, then politely offered a hand to the graceful Michiru who stepped delicately off the vehicle. "Too bad about Mamoru being the total guy, huh?" At these words, Michiru gently rapped her girlfriend on the back of her wedge haircut and gestured to the forlorn heap at their feet. "Oh, hey, well...y'know....men are like so never there for ya..." at which time Michiru took out her violin bow and proceeded to whack Haruka several times with it, hissing, "Wrong answer!"

"OK, OK...you two, knock it off!" and Mina grabbed the weapon out of Michiru's hands before she could make further inroads into her girlfriend's perfectly Paul Mitchell'ed hairdo. "We got work to do here!" Haruka shrugged, then produced a glossy flyer out of her Tommy Girl backpack.

"Here...just to show you how awful men are...as if we didn't already know," she nodded pointedly at the prostrate Usagi, " here's evidence." Rei grabbed the single-leaf and read, "Meet the Man Himself, Mamoru, at the Pussycat Club, Tonite....Wow..." In complete shock and dismay, Rei let the paper fall at her feet, only to be snatched up by the suddenly awake and alert Usagi who began wildly kissing the picture of her beloved. Haruka glanced down at the scene of star-crossed romance unfolding below her and commented, "Heheh...yeh, quite the playah, Usagi's boyfriend, huh?" about to make more disparaging remarks concerning the male species when Ami looked up from her PalmPilot and enquired suspiciously, "Isn't the Pussycat Club a place where girls go to meet other...girls, Haruka?" The lanky short-haired blond exchanged sheepish looks with the violin bow-wielding femme then proceeded to back out of the picture with a, "We really GOT to be going...I still have to run 3 miles before first period, and Michiru has some final to prepare for....right?" Michiru nodded dutifully, and the two jumped on the mo-ped and pulled away before Ami could ask them where exactly WAS the club in question. "Oh, I guess I could use MapQuest to get directions..."

"Yeh, we've gotta DO something about this..."and Makoto turned to the other sailor scouts, then deftly grabbed Usagi by her arm and hefted her onto her feet. "We can't have the Negaverse destroying Usagi's and Mamoru's future...that is just too messed up." Rei was about to remonstrate that Mamoru deserved better than an under-achieving blond but was silenced by a look from Makoto's thunder-filled glare. "We'll go to this club tonight and kick some Negaverse butt...are you with me?" And the girls chorused "Moon, prism, power, make-up!" anticipating their trumph over the forces of evil.

Much Later That Day....(OK, It was Nighttime), Somewhere Outside the Pussycat Club...

Usagi was running frantically down the darkened street, Luna at her heels. She'd thought she'd take a nap before meeting the scouts for the big showdown with Evil Mamoru, and of course, she'd overslept. To make matters worse, she was in a neighborhood she'd never been before; and if not for Luna mewing directions at her, she would never have found the discoteque wedged between a pawnshop and some store selling clothes made out of what looked like rubber and carparts. The other scouts were dressed in fashionable belly shirts and miniskirts except for Haruka who wore her usual slacks/Oxford shirt combo. They were therefore a little amazed when Usagi dashed up to them wearing her wrinkled school uniform.

"Sorry I'm late...I overslept..."

"Uh-huh...no duh..." Rei had her arms crossed over her chest and was giving her a stern look. "You don't expect to go into the club wearing THAT, do you?"

"Uh...yeah?" Usagi couldn't remember what she had on and looked down. "Uh..." she smiled weakly. "Maybe I could start a fashion trend..."

"Yeh, and maybe we could all get carded and not complete our mission." Even usually easy-going and understanding Ami-san was starting to get a little ticked at their airheaded leader. Usagi backed away from the group, feeling inadequate and alone.

"Oh, c'mon guys, give me a break! My boyfriend is going off to the Land of Donny and Marie to form some kind of cult and prolly be blown away by Janet Reno, my future daughter Rini puked up all over the bathroom, which I had to clean when I got home from school, and you expect me to know what to wear to a gay bar! I've had it!! I want out of this nightmare!" and she fell onto the pavement, kicking and screaming like an unruly toddler, until she was pried off the sidewalk by Haruka who slapped her into sense.
"Look, get over it already!" She wrestled Usagi's transforming pen out of her bunny purse and plopped it into her hand. "USE THIS TO CHANGE INTO ANOTHER OUTFIT! OK! " Usagi nodded in total submission (after all, the other girl was something like 6 feet tall, an anomaly in Japan, coupled with the blond hair). Haruka smiled mischievously and, draping a conspiratorial arm around the schoolgirl, said, "Hey, maybe you'll get lucky, meet some total hottie in there; and after we kick Mamoru's butt, you can start a whole new life."

"Uh...I think the future of Crystal Tokyo kinda depends on Usagi and Mamoru staying TOGETHER..." Ami wisely asserted, eliciting a nervous chuckle from the blond amazonness. "Oh, yeah, I forgot..." Whereupon Usagi ordered the pen to change her into a "foxy femme," and the girls were ready to take on the Evilness that awaited them within the club.

It wasn't too difficult to spot Mamoru in the smoky, strobe-lit interior. He was lounged against the bar, enjoying an adult beverage and being chatted up by a group of girls, variously clad in either overalls or PVC vinyl. The scouts found a table across the room where they could stake out the action and formulate their next step. Before they knew it, Haruka had brought over a pitcher of beer and some mugs; when the others looked up in bewilderment, she explained, "Well, we gotta blend, y'know..."

So there they were chugging down beer on a schoolnight...just your typical gang of super senshi...when Mina was dragged off her seat by a burly looking babe dressed in a Harley shirt who said, "Let's dance." Frowning at the disrespect shown to her friend, Haruka got to her feet, bristling, "Hey, mind your manners, you big ol'..." before being pulled back down into her seat by mild Michiru who said, "We don't need attention drawn to us, dear...chill." Realizing their sticky situation, Haruka waved the two away with a "whatever," much to the horror of Mina who was whisked off to the other side of the room as the DJ started to play "Crazy" by K.D. Laing.

"Hey, guess who's sitting next to Mamoru...no! DON'T look up all at once!" All heads had whipped around anyway like 5 Linda Blairs on speed before Ami could warn them how uncool it looked. Her computer had registered an alien presence, and it was none other than the long-legged Emerald, who was hanging all over Mamoru like a cheap suit from the flea market. "Why that's...!" Usagi was about to go over there and pull her green hair or something equally dignified, but the other girls knew how lazy she was and didn't bother to restrain her. "Yeh, yeh....we shoulda known she'd be behind this," opined Makoto who poured herself another glass. "Hey, this stuff's not bad!"

"Take it easy there, Makochan; we may need you later, and I didn't bring enough money for another round," warned Haruka who was regarding the dance floor with interest. "Hmmm....I think Mina may need a little help...be right back." And before Michiru could remonstrate that "Mina is a big girl who can take care of herself," Haruka was across the room in a flash.

"Oh, man....THIS we don't need," and Rei groaned as Haruka proceeded to tap the big gal on the shoulder to ostensibly cut in, Mina's relief-filled face was blocked up her chunky partner's looming deltoid.

"Whoa, and who said chivalry is dead," quipped Ami, looking up from her computer just long enough to take in the bad scene unfolding under the big disco ball. But just before the chunky babe could turn around and deck the much thinner Haruka, Mamoru-san was standing between them in a flash and ended up on the receiving end of a mighty "thwack" to his still bruised skull. He dropped heavily to the dance floor like the trusty metaphorical sack of potatoes as the trio stepped back in dumbfounded amazement.

"OMIGOD! MAMORU-SAN!" and Usagi bolted across the floor to kneel by her stricken lover's side. She cradled his head in her lap, sobbing in desperation. "NOOOO...don't leave me....pleeeease!!" She'd been crying for what seemed like all day, but she still had enough tears to drench his face, causing his eyes to blink open at the salty spray. "Heyyy...Meatball Head...'Sup?" He smiled weakly, winced in pain, then tried to sit up on his elbows. "Man! Are we having an earthquake or something?" and he passed out before he could ask what he was doing on the dance floor of a gay bar...or, better question, what his girlfriend was doing at a gay bar. Apparently, the knock on his head had rendered him normal once again and not a veritable chick magnet because his injury drew no sympathy from the other bar patrons, who mumbled, "What's that GUY doin' here? Serves him right for dissin' one of our home girls." And sensing that the crowd was getting hostile, Emerald muttered a "Curses! Foiled again!" to no one in particular before slinking out of the joint at the same time as an ambulance (summoned by Ami's computer) was pulling up outside the club.


"Some evening, huh?" Rei observed as she walked home with Ami and Mina. Haruka and Michiru had sped off on their mo-ped after Mamoru was whisked away in the ambulance along with Usagi, the hapless blond getting entangled in cords and cables, despite the paramedics' efforts, even before the wagon pulled away. Ami nodded briefly while Mina just blushed and looked uncomfortable. "Hey, Makochan," the girl formerly known as Sailor V tapped her on the back. "That girl I was dancing with asked me for my digits...did she want my measurements or something?" At the question, Makoto and Ami looked at each other then looked at her before bursting out in laughter. "Uh...is Usagi in the room?" and they all hooked arms together and skipped merrily down the deserted street.


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